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Somewhere between laying your jewelry flat on a table with a black tablecloth and investing in a commerical quality jewelry display, there is a never ending search for a creative, fun and afforable way for jewelry makers to display their wares. Below are a few pointers to help you start on your way.

Artist's Booth Display COLOR AND TEXTURE - Basic black is a common choice when first designing a jewelry display. It's upscale and what we usually see in stores. Most craft shows are filled with jewelry people, you want to stand out, not only in your work, but in your display. Your display should reflect your artistic sensibilities and provide an appealing backdrop for your work. Choose colors that compliment your jewelry. Try a muted purple, gray, cream, mustard gold for a soft natural look or go with jewel tone colors in sapphire or emerald. What ever colors you choose make it a personal statement. Try to stick with solid colors. Texture is an important element in designing your booth. You want your customers to feel like they can't keep your hands off your booth. Add different textures with your fabrics, I use a washed silk and an upholstery fabric in a warm gray and sage green. Texture can also be played up with different elements of wood, glass, metal, acrylic, natural stone such as slate and marble and even in surprising elements such as fresh cut flowers arranged in your display.
Height - By adding height to your display you'll add visual interest to your booth. Use stands, risers, shelves, or even boxes draped in fabric to break up the level of your table displays. I use boxes with fabric draped over them for height and my display items add vertical dimension to my booth.
TABLE HEIGHT - Standard tables are too short for jewelry display, which is best seen at eye level. A simple way to raise a 4x2" banquet table is to add pvc pipe extensions. We used a utility knife to cut out knotches for the table hardware, seen here. The pvc pipes were cut to 36" high and fit over our table legs adding just enough height to our 28" tables.
FOUND OBJECTS - You don't have to reinvent the wheel for an effective jewelry display, just turn it on it's side! Hardware and home decorating stores are a great place to shop for your booth display. My bracelet display is a square bamboo box turned upside down, it works great and I love the way it looks. Picture frames are another great find. Replace the glass with fabric and use to display your eye catching pieces like little works of art. Don't worry about finding the right colors when you are out shopping, just buy a can of spray paint in your accent colors and paint your new finds. Stapling screens onto the back of picture frames or using small dowel rods are two other ways to transform inexpensive picture frames. Get creative with found objects, start looking at things that catch your eye and try to imagine ways to use them in your display.
Picture frame converted into a jewelry display board, with a fabric insert and painted cream.
Two picture frames hinged together, wire squiggles were added by screwing them into the back of the frame. I've used this diplay for earrings and pendant neclaces.
MAKE YOUR OWN - If you are handy with small power tools or know someone who is, you are in luck. Get inspired from jewelry display catalogs and design your own. My wire wrapped displays were inspired by a tiny picture in a magazine of a jewelry boutique. We wrapped and hammered the wire and cut the wood, finished it with metal flashing and nails and my favorite shade of green paint.
Remember your display is what will bring customers in and should say something about your work before they even step up to your tables. Go for originality and be creative. Remember imitation is not the best form of flattery, despite what you've heard. If you see another crafter with an awesome display, do not go home and copy it. Just think how you'll feel if you both end up in show together. Let your display reflect your own personal style.